On Heaven’s Doorstep

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May 2018:  On Heaven’s Doorstep: God’s help in Times of Crisis-True Stories from a First Responder, the sequel to At Heaven’s Edge, has been released by Harvest House Publishers.

In Life or Death, There’s Only One Guarantee—God Will Be There

Medical emergencies are among life’s most unexpected and terrifying realities. But isn’t it reassuring in times of extreme crisis, you can find hope and comfort in the hands of a loving God?

Encounter heart-stopping drama in these real-life stories of everyday people like you who found themselves on heaven’s doorstep—fully dependent on the skilled and courageous efforts of first responders and on the mercy of God.

As you read these firsthand accounts of perilous situations with uncertain outcomes, you will experience a full spectrum of emotions, from tender heartache to tremendous joy. Through it all, you will witness God’s amazing love and care for His children, both for those who are brought back from the edge and for those He chooses to call into eternal fellowship with Him.

Be inspired as you go on call with veteran EMT Andrea Jo Rodgers and other brave professionals dedicated to helping when humanity is at its most frail.


“Rodgers, a veteran volunteer EMT and physical therapist for a trauma center, provides an up-close look at medical emergencies she has encountered over the years. This book contains 30 true stories featuring people of all ages, with different issues and outcomes.

As an example, Rodgers tells about responding to a call where a man’s arm was stuck in a garbage disposal.  His hand was beginning to swell, and nothing seemed to loosen it. He had heart problems, and his blood pressure was rising. What would the EMT crew do to quickly and safely rescue him?

Other stories involve extreme alcohol poisoning, bicycle and automobile accidents. and various health issues. Rodgers consistently shows God’s hand at work, and readers will feel various emotions as they digest each situation.

On Heaven’s Doorstep will especially appeal to those who like to cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time.”

-Carol Chapman Stertzer, CBA Christian Market magazine


“In her sequel On Heaven’s Doorstep, Andrea Jo Rodgers relates more of the real-life stories she shared in At Heaven’s Edge and invites us to an intimate relationship with the people she’s met through over 7,000 first aid and fire calls…

…It’s the narrative of each rescue that separates the book from an ambulance chaser’s dream. She includes dialogs between family members and provides the setting in which the emergencies begin. To do that she interviews family members later, reviews newspaper articles if there are any, and often follows up with people to see how they are doing…

…Rodger’s purpose is to remind us that we are not always in control. For Christians, it is a reminder of God’s presence in our lives, but this book is for everyone despite religious affiliation. Even those who are agnostic or atheist can understand that when we need help, we can be grateful for those trained to help us.”   — S. Leigh Hall, CatholicReads.com

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On Heaven’s Doorstep: God’s help in Times of Crisis-True Stories from a First Responder is available at many Choice Books locations nationwide as well as numerous online booksellers.

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